About Us

Wallum Nurseries purchased the Eudlo Waters Tree Farm in June 2021, which is located at 190 McGilchrist Rd, Palmwoods. It’s well established on 50 acres with both Eudlo and Acrobat creek flowing through it to provide ample water. It contains approximately 2,000 in-ground advanced trees, with a current capacity up to 3,000. We have named the operation Eudlo Native Trees.

Eudlo Native Trees

The Eudlo site has some spectacular trees that are starting to bloom after some tender loving care. Our plan is to provide only the highest quality trees to the market. The farm was purchased as an operating entity and included was an 1100mm tree spade which is our normal size root ball for relocating trees. We have prepared a nursery area for in-ground trees and plan to plant 600 trees each and every year.

Our plan is to transition to predominately natives and commercialize some unique and beautiful Australian species. Especially some of the glorious rainforest species on the Sunshine Coast and SEQ. If you would like to have input for the future please call us and discuss what trees you may need in the future we will likely make them available.

Take the time to look at our stocklist and see the opportunities that are there. We are looking to the future and plan to have some really unique species available. Any support received is appreciated.

If you would like to visit or say hello please call or email. We are always keen to assist and help our customers succeed.

Wallum Nurseries

Wallum Nurseries is a wholesale nursery specialising in revegetation plants. Established in 1999, Wallum Nurseries produces millions of native Australian plants annually.

Located in Gumdale we produce 350 species of native plants, specifically for revegetation. We supply our product largely as seed grown tubestock. We lead with our expertise in native plant propagation and consistently add new species to the market.

Wallum produces only true form (no hybrids) native Australian species for Revegetation contractors, Landscapers & Landscape Architects, Councils, Governments, Community environmental groups, Golf Courses and other nurseries that help to improve our environment with water-efficient Australian natives.

Wallum also undertakes seed collection and contract growing for rare and endangered species and specialty Australian plants. Over 20 years, we have invested in the storage of seeds and research on the growing of many Australian species.