Our Process

We use only seed grown and cutting sourced stock for all our product range. This ensures the resilience and quality passed down from mother stock is stored within the new plant. Making it a stronger and more resilient product with each succession of batches.

Root pruning and foliage management

Our staff employs the best root and foliage management practices with repeatable outcomes achieved across our stock line. With the focus on health and symmetry.

Anti-root spiral pots

At Eudlo Native Trees we grow our stock in anti-root spiraling pots which drive the roots towards the outside edges. Stopping them in their tracks and causing the roots to send out laterals. This results in a well-balanced root structure and greatly reducing the occurrence of girdling. Part of this regime includes the use of net bow irrigation on our container and inground trees. This allows for balanced watering around the whole root ball.

In ground root pruning

For our inground stock we utilize regular and scheduled in ground root management which is consistently evaluated across the life of the tree on farm. This process means our trees suffer little transplant shock and allows for it to hit the ground running once in position.